Friday, July 29, 2011

Show Off Your Wakeboarding Prowess for Less

Wakeboarding originally came about in the 1980s as the warm weather counterpart to skiboarding. One of the earliest forms was christened "skurfing" by Scottish extreme sports pro Lochlan Snowie. The sport was eventually renamed and made its way to the Olympics, but no matter what you call it, wakeboarding is a guaranteed good time. Taking unnecessary boats out of the equation, Cowtown Wakepark gives you all the highflying wakeboarding action you're looking for through a series of cables that pull you through the water as you hang on for dear life. Whether you're an expert wake rider or brand new to the sport, use today's deal to experience Cowtown Wakepark with a two-hour cable pass and all standard equipment, regularly $38, for just $19.

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