Friday, August 12, 2016

New Food Truck Park in Downtown Dallas is Open!

You know we're big fans of food trucks and they've come a long way since the roach coaches of yore. The newest spot where you can satiate your food truck cravings is downtown at 222 Browder Street, basically in the open space between AT&T and DP&L (between Commerce and Jackson Street). You can check out the daily food truck schedule and other details at their site

As it starts to cool off we're sure this will become a happening new downtown lunch spot. They've already got life size Jenga, art projects for the kids and picnic tables to chill and relax. On the horizon is some event programming with the potential of movie nights and live music. Sounds like fun!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

We're Back, We Think. Or how Real Life got in the way of Blogging

We know we've been a bit MIA on our blog posts, and we're sorry. We'll try to do better, but real life (AKA real job) calls and, despite this being more fun, real job wins. So apologies, but let's get this thing rolling again.

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