Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm in Sandwich Love with Gandolfos and Food Trucks

I don't normally want to write up a place where I've only tried one thing, but I have to show some love to Gandolfo's Deli food truck. Yes, the CoD is being a pain and jacking around the food trucks, but some local businessmen have decided to help them out by letting them use the parking lot next to the construction site we call Museum Tower. City Street Grille was there this morning and Gandolgo's is there for lunch. Jack's Chowhound was there yesterday, along with some sno-cone maker on wheels. This is awesome, and will be even awesomer when it cools off and we're not standing on the face of the sun while ordering.

So, let me get back to the sandwich. All the choices looked amazing, and huge. Thank goodness you can order a half sandwich (still the same size as a 6-incher from those other sandwich places), a nuance not picked up on by all in my party, so one person will be enjoying the same sandwich for lunch and dinner. I went with the Bridge Hampton. Turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, swiss cheese, S&P (salt & pepper) on fantastically fresh yummy amazing bread. Seriously, if anyone was still on the Atkins Diet (soooo 2002), this would make them quit. They were quick to make the sandwiches, which are reasonably priced and come in around $6 mark. Add chips and drink, you'll be close to $10. Screw the chips and go with the black and white cookie. It's worth it. The coworkers were raving about their sandwiches but wouldn't let me try them (something about cooties.)

Anyway, if you hear about a fabulous new gourmet food truck anywhere near you, I'd advise you to check it out. And follow these boys on Twitter to see where they'll be next @citystreetgrill @jackschowhound @gandolfosdallas

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  1. The bridge hampton is the best sandwich. Next time try the sour cream potato salad. It's definitely to die for.