Friday, July 22, 2011

More Food Truck Love - City Street Grille Breakfast Tacos

Sure, it would have tasted better with a mimosa or tequila sunrise, but those are frowned upon at work. Silly stick in the mud HR policies. Don't they know that we'd all be happier if we could have a brunch beverage on Friday mornings? Or even Thursday mornings, since Thursday is the new Friday. Anyway, I'll take that up with HR later.

What I have to tell you about now is the best thing since Taco Cabana breakfast tacos. Actually, it's better than that, it's kicks TC's a**, which I'm not thrilled about since there's a TC directly on my route to work, and City Street Grille is a mobile food truck, so it's more of a moving target that I have to stalk via FB and Twitter. But they were in my new fave downtown food truck park. Bless the kind developer who loves food trucks enough to let them park in the only place they could in the CBD (Central Business District, duh). City Street does breakfast and lunch, both of which I've gotten to ave before. Breakfast includes breakfast tacos featuring scrambled eggs, cheese and beef tenderloin. Seriously, beef tenderloin. Yes, thank you, I'd like to start my morning with yummy beef tenderloin lovingly wrapped in my choice of a corn or flour tortilla. These guys also wised up and use the smaller tortillas (AKA nomal, not burrito size) b/c they heard their customers say that the big ones made them need a nap at work. These are the best breakfast tacos ever. I kid you not.

Lunch is also popular at City Street Grille, with choices such as chicken and waffles. I know, sounds weird if you haven't had it before, but it's worth it. I've also had their Spring Grilled Cheese, which is nothing like that velveeta your mom put between slices of Wonderbread. Think goat cheese, arugala, straberries and pepper jelly. It's that good.

Follow these guys on Twitter and FB. Then find their next location and get a breakfast taco! You'll be glad you did, but TC may not be.

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