Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Food Truck Parade Continues - Jack's Chowhound

The intern walks into my office around 11:45 and tells me she's going to Subway for lunch. I say, "um, are you sure you wouldn't rather join me on my foodtruck adventure?" "Another one? Is it a different one" she asks.(she went on the Gandolfo's adventure last week and got tricked into eating a spicy kimchee fry yesterday, how was I to know she didn't like spicy, but she did, so it was fine.)  "Yes, another one. Jack's Chowhound is here today. No, I don't know exactly what they serve, but I'm sure it will be good." She said ok, but I think it's b/c she's now counting the hours until she's done with this fabu internship and she's going to miss us like bunches and bunches. Or maybe we'll miss her like that, but I digress.

So, intern and I trek through the death heat over to the food truck. Jack's Chowhound it is. Their menu includes pulled pork grilled cheese, spicy steak sammmies, portabello burger, meatball sliders, a Texas dog and several other offerings including fresh fries - either plain or with cajun seasoning. I opted for the pulled pork grilled cheese and the intern went with the portabello burger. Before I get to the food (spoiler alert: it was awesome!), I need to talk about the price tag. Her burger was $7 and my pulled pork grilled cheese was $8. Add on a bottled soft drink ($2), and all of a sudden my meal is $10. I don't mind the $10 price tag THAT much, but come on, couldn't they throw in a side of fries or chips? Just seemed a little steep for a sandwich.

Moving on to said pulled pork sandwich. It was amazing. Like, for real deal, A-MA-ZING. Texas toast, plenty of pulled pork, a little BBQ sauce and melted gouda cheese. Good call on the gouda, boys. Yes, I griped about the price, but it's only b/c the sandwich I like at Samar is also $8 and it comes with a side salad. See, I'm just saying. But the fantastic combo of pulled pork and grilled cheese was pretty darn amazing and I may grab the Sig-O and go up to Inwood Tavern for one on Thursday or Friday night (that's when they hang out there selling their yummy upscale bar food).

Intern thoroughly enjoyed her portabello burger, which says a fair bit since she's a picky eater. And she didn't share, which generally means someone really likes their food. Again, she wasn't thrilled by the price tag (she's an intern, they are poor by nature and by lack of salary), but she said it was a damn good burger. Ok, she didn't say damn, but she meant to. It's a heck of a burger for being meatless.

All in all, another successful food truck adventure. Jack's may be prowd of his food, but he's got every damn right to be. Next time I'll just have Sig-O take me there.

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