Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Plano Just Got A Lot Scarier . . . . With Dark Hour Haunted House

It’s that time of year again – the one where you watch the scary movie you come across while channel surfing, buy all the orange and black candy at Target, and carefully plan who will be the friend or date you cling to for dear life as you go through a haunted house. So, of course I grabbed the Sig-O and we headed off to check out haunted houses. While the Sig-O certainly enjoys a good haunted house, the real entertainment is apparently my own screaming more than the children who are in the tour behind us. I also have a tendency to teach them new words if they're following too closely.

We've seen a number of the haunts around to, there’s a new kid on the haunted house block that’s well worth your trip to Plano and your haunted house dollars – Dark Hour Haunted House.

Dark Hour LogoWhile I won’t ruin your haunted house experience by giving you the room by room fright breakdown, I will say that the folks behind Dark Hour have spared no expense and it shows. This is not your neighborhood haunted house for the kiddos and this is definitely not the same old guy with a hockey mask chasing you with a chainsaw. Dark Hour Haunted House provides a full experience that will likely show up in your dreams and nightmares for a week. The lighting, sound system and special effects are worth the trip, even if you pretend to be one of those who doesn't scare.

Halloween is almost here, so you’re worried about those dreaded lines this weekend. While Dark Hour’s line moves well, you’ll be happy to stand in line a few extra minutes to watch the Dark Hour dancers do their dances to (what else?) Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Once you enter, the route takes you through three areas – Dominion of the Dead, Coven Manner and Voodoo Vengeance. Again, we won’t ruin your experience with the details, but as you go through , don’t forget to notice all the details they've included in the haunt – bricks that were cut by hand, reclaimed wood on houses and decoration that’s been done with a careful eye to intrigue and frighten you at the same time.

As one of the only haunted houses in the area to hire professional actors, Dark Hour has elevated the level of our local haunts. They know just when to jump out or look alive to get that perfect scare. Their elaborate sets and lighting have been designed to intensify the fright you’ll get. It’s rather remarkable given that they've been in the building just under eight weeks and built all the sets from the ground up (the 30,000 square foot space used to be a Sports Authority). You’ve still got a few weeks to check out Dark Hour and they’re open Friday-Sunday through November 2nd (as well as the Thursday of Halloween, of course).

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cher Presale Password for October 4 Concert at American Airlines Center

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