Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food Truck Love Continues: SSahmBBQ

I told the Sig-O this morning that I may have to go on a personal quest to check out all the awesome new gourmet food trucks in Dallas. The good news is that I don't have to go far since they keep showing up in the Arts District for breakfast and lunch. The self-restraint that it takes to walk directly to my office every morning instead of detouring to get a fabu breakfast taco is mind-boggling.

Today's lunch selection was SSahmBBQ. They serve gourmet Korean tacos and my nose is still running from the spices as I type this. But it's a good spicy and it's great flavor. So I am, yet again, in love with another food truck. SSahm's menu is straightforward - letting you select your meat - beef, pork, chicken and tofu, followed by your delivery method - taco, burrito, quesadilla or kimchee fries. The very friendly woman who comes out of the truck to take your order recommended the beef taco to yours trule, as well as the kimchee fries, which come with meat on top. They've got a variety of chips and drinks to choose from, but once I've ordered kimchee friends (aka korean cheese fries), you don't want chips.

Less than 5 minutes later (thank G-sus since it was death hot outside), I get my beef taco and fries. The tacos are wrapped in 2 corn tortillas because it reduces the chances that the fabulous filling will end up on your plate or lap. Along with the meat choice, they include caramelized kimchee, cilantro, onions, and a soy vinagrette salad. This is good stuff. And great call on the double tortilla wrapping. The Kimchee Fries are basically Korean cheese fries, but good lord they were good. I'm not normally one to get something quite that heavy for lunch, but come on, you've got to live a little. The fries are fresh hand cut potatoes(I saw this happen), monterey jack & cheddar cheese, cilantro, onions, that caramelize Kimchee and some spicy mayo. They were seriously good. Brought those back to the office to share. Intern was surprised they were spicy, but I might have neglected to warn her about it. She still thought they had great flavor. My coworker on a con-call snagged a few too and I got a big thumbs up from him.

I'm already checking the SSahmBBQ website to see when they're back over here. You can follow them on FB and Twitter, but the menu and schedule are here for your entertainment. http://www.ssahmbbq.com/

Sorry Sig-O, I may have fallen in love with another food truck, but I promise I'll invite you along. Sometime.

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  1. Get Ssahm! That food is GREAT, thank G it comes up north too. My co-workers are in love with Ssahm BBQ now too.