Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make Those Awkward Moments Anonymous

Certain things aren't easy to say directly to someone's face, especially if that person is Jim Carrey right after the studio cut him a check for $20mil to hilariously talk out of his ass. Seriously Tone-Loc, he's dragging you down. Helping you tell folks the score without revealing your identity: This Is Going To Be Awkward.

From a couple of guys who wanted to tell a good pal his new better half "sucked" without immolating their friendship, TIGTBA lets you anonymously send off e-cards addressing everything from a coworker's lack of hygiene, to the things you'd like to do to other coworkers, most of which also qualify as unhygienic.

Straight from their site:

At This Is Going To Be Awkward you can feel comfortable -- well, as comfortable as someone like you is constitutionally capable. With one email, you can:
-Disapprove of your friends' romantic partners
-Hide behind a shroud of pithy quips to attract love/sex
-Insult and celebrate co-workers
-Tell others you've farted

They send the emails so you don't have to. Because having secret feelings isn't just for old people and sex offenders anymore. Click here to be awkward, anonymously.

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