Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift - Golf Glove Watch

Holy hell you are lazy. I can't believe we're all of like 48 hours out from Father's Day and you haven't bothered to get Dad a gift yet. I mean, yea, Mom really did most of the work growing you and all that business, but Dad has put in his time since then. And what have you done? Nothing. Fine, here's a last minute gift that you can order, but it won't be here in time, but it's freaking cool enough that you might be able to slide. Or you can throw in a bottle of good scotch that the Irish guy at the local Sigel's Elite recommended - seriously, you try to understand him when he tells you to get the Auchentoshan Triple Wood for dear old dad.

Ok, without further ado. Your gift for dad. And where to order it.

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