Thursday, June 16, 2011

BBQ, it's Not Just for Beer Anymore - from Cork

What is Bubble-Q?

Brats, bubbles and fun. We're firing up the grill, chilling down the cold snacks and inviting you to bring your friends and appetites for mouthwatering bratwurst and refreshing sparkling wine at Cork.

What do you get?

For $15 you'll get a juicy German-style bratwurst with all the fixins, chips, and 2 oz. sips (actually more like big cold gulps) of six sparkling wines. Celebrate summer with six sips of sparkling wine! I adore alliteration!

Why come?

Let's put it this way: it's mercilessly hot outside; we will be taking one for the team and standing behind a sweltering grill to bring you a juicy brat while you sip icy cold glasses of vino. You chill....we grill.


Spots limited, please secure your weiner by RSVP by calling 214.780.0373

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