Monday, May 9, 2011

Un-Cupcakes Sound Good for Un-Birthdays

I just celebrated my 29th birthday. Yes, the real 29, not the the 3rd, 4th or 5th anniversary of it, but thanks for making me feel older than I should. But whatever, I had some excellent cake this weekend - thanks Sig-O. Then today I saw the miracle un-Cupcake at Rush Patissere.

It's basically a miniature cake in a jar, that allows you to get the perfect bite every time. AKA, none of the crappy just dry cake bites. The cake is hollowed out so that frosting (or other fillings) can be put inside, as well as on top of the cake. The result? Perfect bite after perfect bite with frosting, filling and cake living in harmony on the miniature spoon that comes tied on each Un-Cupcake jar.

​The other benefit with Rush's diabolical creation is that you can eat just a few bites and save the rest for later. You simply screw the lid back on the jar, which keeps it surprisingly fresh, unlike even the prettiest little cardboard box.

The Un-Cupcake comes in eight signature flavors, including Wedding Cake; Chocolate Ganache; Lemon Crunch; Caramel Coconut & Cream Cheese; S'mores; Red Velvet; Strawberries & Cream; and Caramel Macchiato, which comes with mocha flavored chocolates in the shape of coffee beans sprinkled on top. Check it out.

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