Monday, May 23, 2011

Dallas Farmers Market - You Need to Go

When I looked at my calendar last Thursday, I was surprised to see a pretty open weekend. What in the world is a girl to do? Oh, I know! Fill it up with fun adventures! So, after crawling the web as I usally do, I planned an adventure to the Dallas Farmers Market. Now, I've been before, but it's literally been years.

So, Saturday morning (I use that term liberally, but anything before noon is morning), the Sig-O and I grabbed our reusable shopping bag and headed downtown. I've admitted before that I love great food and I'm totally digging the idea of eating local, so this was bound to be fun. Parking was easy and free, then we walked over to the sheds. This is not some little street farmers market. The DFM (see, I'm cool and know the lingo) has 4 sheds, each with different specialties.

  • Shed 1: Local Farmers/Produce Dealers - right now they have great looking green beans, potatoes and tomatoes(got those!) And I got the most beautiful portabello mushrooms. These are why people don't mind being vegetarians

  • Shed 2: Eateries & Special Foods - this shed is indoors and air conditioned. You'll find great meats, spcies and more. We grabbed a reuben for lunch and it was fantastic. Definitely recommend it, but split it!

  • Shed 3: Produce Dealers - They have fruits and vegetables from all over. This stuff looks great and might be slightly cheaper than the local stuff, particularly the things that are not commonly locally grown. For instance, pineapple is not local, at least not in North Texas

  • Shed 4: Wholesale Produce - buying in bulk. You'll be buying by the case rather than by the basket

Clearly there was plenty to look at, and you'll be offered free produce samples at almost stand (yum). Sig-O and I had to discuss what all we'd be having for dinner this week to prevent overbuying (an easy and common problem to have there). We're looking forward to return trips to enjoy whatever is in season. I strongly recommend visiting your local farmers market. Here's the 411 on the DFM: Enjoy!

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