Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Half Price Scarborough Faire Tickets and Pictures from My SF Adventure

Ok, so Sig-O convinved me to go to Scarborough Faire last weekend and it turned out to be entertaining. If you just want to take advantage of this deal for half price and get your tickets now, click here. If you want to see my awesome pictures from this adventure, keep reading.

Oh, and in case you need the details about the festival, here:
Scarborough Renaissance Festival runs eight consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Monday each spring. The Festival is a Renaissance-themed festival based on the year 1533, during the reign of England’s King Henry VIII. There are 21 stages with over 200 performances and three Full Combat Jousts daily, as well as Falconry demonstrations.

And here are my awesome photos:

Seriously, this dude was just wandering around the faire. Not talking, kind of grunting. Hide your children

You can get your libations and random food at the Crown Kitchens.

She has a tail. Seriously. These people dress up for going to the Faire. That means they actually OWN these costumes. And now she owns a tail to go with it.

You know you want these. I wonder if they have a Scarborough Faire wedding registry area?

Turtle Races. Thrilling.

I picked out your dress for next year's faire. You're welcome.
You better buy this deal or the scary unicorns will find you.

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