Monday, March 28, 2011

Lobster, Fondue. Half Price, Oh My!

You’re a membership warehouse fiend, priding yourself on your ability to save oodles on everything from toilet paper and cereal, to Italian wines. But when you want to impress a hot date or tantalize your taste buds, that $6 bottle of Pinot and frozen lasagna won’t make the cut. Maintain your thrifty dignity and enjoy a decadent dining experience with today’s deal: $62 gets you a four-course Lobster Extravaganza dinner for two at Simply Fondue’s Greenville Avenue location ($124 value). This is a date night that is sure to impress. Click here to snag your certificate now. BTW, Sig-O and I hit Simply Fondue a month or two ago and it was wonderful. The service was friendly, the food was fun and it was such a nice date night. I think this certificate may be the perfect excuse to revist.

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