Friday, March 27, 2015

Eating the D 100: Best Random Finds

You know how you get stuck in a rut, want to try a new restaurant, but don't have any clue where to go. Here's a list(from the list) about the best random finds we encountered on the list. Sure, there are others, but these are our tops recommendations if you're looking to change up your usual weekend dining plans:
  1. Mr. Wok – This is the restaurant I have told more people about than any other. It’s a hole in the wall in an old Pizza Inn in Plano and it is the best Chinese food in town. Call ahead to make sure they’ll save a Peking Duck for you. And BYOB.
  2. Wingfields – This burger is amazing. But I am not kidding you when I tell you to call in your order ahead of time. Seriously, there is nowhere to wait and nowhere to sit, and expect to be doling out cash to panhandlers who walk by while you wait in your car. Also, you might want to take an SUV since my $6 burger turned into an $800 burger thanks to a pothole so big and deep that it cracked my headlight. Thanks Dallas streets.
  3. Tei Tei Robata Bar– Two words – River Crabs. They’re small, adorable, crunchy, delicious, and Tei Tei has them. Go early to get a table, or show up later and plan to spend some time cooling your heels and people-watching in the bar. Try the more adventurous items on the menu and you’ll be pleasantly surprise, but you should definitely get the beef on the hot rock. It sounds gimmicky, but it melts in your mouth.
  4.  Meshack’s Bar-B-Que Shack – This truly an old white BBQ shack with a window. So glad we found this BBQ in Garland. It’s definitely on the list for some of the best BBQ in town. Go early or they might run out of what you want.
  5.  Urban Crust – The Sig-O and I had the misfortune of living north of 635 for a few years. Urban Crust made living in the northern hinterlands much more tolerable by giving us an upscale pizza place that has a killer rooftop bar (32 degrees) for pre or post-dinner cocktails. If you happen to be up north, definitely check out Urban Crust or its sister Urban Rio.

The Sig-O and I are still "discussing" who will make the overall top 5, but we've got a few other lists coming your before then so check back to be In the Know!

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