Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RW Report: Abacus is Still Amazing

First off, I have to give the Sig-O credit for getting us some of the best RW reservations in town - Abacus, the French Room and Bijoux. All on prime days. Seriously, the RW list comes out, I make a matrix of restaurants and dates (yes, this is the only time learning about matrices in calculus has ever helped me), I hand it to the Sig-O and magical things happen. Like a Friday night reservation at Abacus or a Saturday night at Bijoux. Reservation day is pretty much like sending my wishlist to Santa.

But on to more important things, like Abacus. The folks at Abacus on Friday night outdid themselves again. The Sig-O, Sibling, the Brit, the pseudo-aunt, and I went to Aacus on Friday night and were reminded of why Abacus is still at the top of the favorite restaurant list. The charming Ryan T. was our server and he made it such a fun evening for all 5 of us.

Ryan was happy to explain that we were better off ordering a bottle of wine rather than the pairings, particularly since none of us were big dessert wine fans. A lovely Meomi Pinot Noir went well with everyone’s dishes and it was thanks to his knowledgable recommendation that we chose it.

Our favorite appetizers were the duck gnocchi and the buffalo potstickers. Since each of us had a 4th course certificate, we each had 2 of the lobster shooters. Yes, we’ve all had them before, but they really are that good. I'm curious how many lobster shooters they make during Restaurant Week because there were a number of them on every table.

For the entrees, the most popular at our table were the shrimp and girts, the Kobe hanger steak and the pork tacos. The winner for that was definitely the steak. The three at our table each ordered it to a different doneness and they all came out perfectly. The sibling insisted the pork tacos were best, but we're pretty sure that was ego defending her dinner choice. Kobe beef really can't be beat and I found myself trying to get an extra bite of it from the Sig-O.

Desserts were a sampling of several, but the standout was the Burundi Coffee Ganache. It was incredibly decadant and the first thing to disappear off the plates. There was also a great lemon cornmeal poundcake that was very good, but the once we tried the chocolate, we pretty much forgot there was anything else on the plate.

Ryan’s service was impeccable. Friendly yet not intrusive. We can’t wait to go back to Abacus and hope Ryan will help us again.

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