Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Online Shopping for a Good Cause on Amazon

It's the holidays and the  malls and horrible, with a capital whore. So, in the interest of avoiding said whores at all cost, you probably do your shopping online. Namely, at They have everything. You've seen us mention Back on My Feet before. It's a fantastic nonprofit organization working to end homelessness through running. No, you don't have to run. No, you don't have to donate. There's just 1 thing we're asking you to do as you continue online shopping.

Click on the link below, and it takes you to a webpage that has 1 more link into amazon.  That’s all you have to do!   Bookmark this link NOW.  If you do any purchasing on Amazon this holiday season,  do it through this link and Back On My Feet will earn commission for each order placed.  It does not cost you anything.   It just takes your time to remember to click through this link to give a great organization a credit!

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