Monday, October 10, 2011

Be a Food Truck VIP for Half Price!

We all know I'm a huge fan of food trucks. I think today's Living Social Deal might have been designed for me. It's VIP, it's cheap (relatively) and it's benefiting a good cause. Check it ou:

It has indeed been drier all summer than a slab of Texas toast with no butter, but other parts of the world are facing an even drier spell. Today's deal for a VIP ticket from Ten for 10: Water for Africa is a unique way to give the world water crisis a kick in the pants while sampling some of Dallas's finest fare. Just $50 gets you a VIP ticket to the Food Truck Smackdown at Sunset Lounge on Friday, October 21, where a caravan's worth of local cuisine goes head to head to gain your favor (a $100 value). With your ticket, you'll enjoy a private happy hour, a goody bag full of treats, a preview of the night's events, a sampling of each food truck's dishes, live musical entertainment, and the chance to vote for your favorite truck. Get swept up in this flood of foodie fun and philanthropy before it dries up.

Get your deal here!

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