Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Blogging Rant and Excuses

Ok, first off, I'm apologizing for being so lax in my blogging duties. Yes, I should have posted more stuff recently, but I haven't. There a several reasons for this.

  1. I was on vacation. Yes, a real vacation. And you're welcome, because I'm the one who brought back this nice cool weather from Colorado. I didn't work on vacation. I didn't blog on vacation. I didn't even turn my laptop on while I was on vacation. And it was freaking awesome.
  2. There haven't been any really awesome deals that I've seen that I think are worth sharing. Sure, I could share with you the crappy lose weight, liposuction, botox, get your hair done, mediocre food deal, but that's not fun. I don't even like reading those, so I choose not to pass those along to you. You feel jipped because I haven't been posting, when really I'm doing you a favor by not posting junk for you to read.
  3. I have to work. Blogging does not pay the bills. Just about every blog you read, minus those really professional ones or ones with a huge following, is done by someone who does something else to actually generate income. We don't blog for the money or the spotlight, we blog b/c we think we have something to share with you. Do your fave bloggers a favor and click on an ad or two on their sites if it's something that interests you. Yes, ads are annoying, but it's really the only way that your fave bloggers will make money from a website.
  4. You don't talk to me. Every now and then I get a comment, and that's swell, but generally I end up feeling like I'm just posting to the magical internet and some randoms find the page. So follow me, comment when you want to and tell me what you actually want to know about. Otherwise I'm just guessing.
Ok, speaking of that #4 thing, I have to work. I promise to be more diligent about posting, but don't blame me when I'm on vacation. You should try it. Without your computer. You'll thank me.

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