Monday, August 15, 2011

My 36-Hour Summer Vacation: First Stops - Kolaches and Wine

So, the Sig-O and I have been enjoying what we call "36-hour vacations" lately. We were in Fort Worth a few weeks ago to celebrate the BIG 4-0 with a Fabulous Fort Worth Getaway weekend, complete with margs at Joe T's, beer at Rahr Brewery, dinner at Brownstone in West 7th, and golf at the Marriott at Champions (you can see TMS from your room). It was a great one, so, in the interest of taking more vacations, we headed down I-35(worst, highway EVER) to visit the hill country.

First stop, Czech Bakery in West. I've lived in Texas my whole life(including college) and had never made it there to get kolaches. Seriously, as much as I love my Dallas donut shops, they will now pale in comparison to the kolaches in West. Hell, these things are so good that they made the Texas Monthly Texas Bucket List. Normally, I'm a basic sausage and cheese kolache kind of gal, but the Sig-O was in charge of choosing, so we threw in some others for variety. Thank goodness we did. They were all really, REALLY good, but the ones that stood out for me were the jalapeno sausage and cheese (real sliced jalapenos, none of the namby pamby spicy sausage, that's the hot chubbie), the ham and cheese (I drooled remembering it), and the cream cheese (my IT people will not be happy with the amount of drool now). Point is, if you're near West, get your kolaches there.

Sig-O and I continued our trek down south. It happened to be the one day it was not sunny and 100, which made our pool plans less enticing. So, what's a girl to do? Drink wine! Through the miracle we call Google, we found several wineries that weren't terribly far from the B&B we were staying at. First stop - Pilot Knob Winery (yes, I giggled at the name and the Sig-O did an eye roll at me.) The folks at this winery were uber-friendly and greeted us very warmly. They even had a bridal trunk show going on at the winery and invited us to check it out and sample the cupcakes (yum). After the Sig-O convinced me to walk through and my hives for fear of commitment and all things wedding, we got to taste the wines of Pilot Knob. The whites were slightly sweet, with the Viognier winning medals at several competitions. I'm not a big rose drinker, but could certainly see how one could enjoy it on a hot summer day, particularly poolside. The Franco-Rojo was a delightful Tempranillo-Merlot blend with the body and depth of a nice pinot and a flavor all of its own. We could have stayed and enjoyed a glass of that, but knew we had other wineries to visit, so best to not drink all you can at the first. The bonus of Pilot Knob was that they were very, very friendly and helpful. When we told them we were making our own wine tour, they had several suggestions and were even kind enough to print out a Google map for us! Love that hospitality. These are great people who are working hard at a young vineyard and have a passion for their wine. I definitely recommend visiting them.

Instead of making this a marathon post, I'm breaking it up. Check back later for the next installment of my vacation. And now you see why the Sig-O is exhausted after our relaxing vacays.

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